How to protect yourself from being a victim of thieves:

Unfortunately, in the UK, car crime is a common problem whether it be the car itself being stolen or the contents inside. Here at Canterbury Motoring Worldimages we want to offer you some advice on what you can do in order to decrease your chances of falling victim to such crimes.

  1. Always double check that you have locked your car before walking away. Make sure all doors are locked! If your car makes a clicking type sound then listen out for it, similarly if your car flashes when you lock it then watch out for this. A good habit to get into would be to pull the door handle before you walk away, therefore leaving no doubt in your mind.
  2. This one may sound obvious, but so many of us are guilty of forgetting to hide our belongings that we leave behind in our cars. Everything that is left out in view is a prime target for thieves, including coats, handbags, sat navs etc. Before getting out of the car, if you can’t take your belongings with them and must leave them behind then be sure to leave them under the seat, in the glovebox, in the boot or in the central console area.
  3. Park in an appropriate place, if you aren’t lucky enough to park on your own private driveway then try to park as close to your house as possible. When choosing where to park your car, choose heavily populated or busy areas. Areas with lots of passing traffic whether it be cars or people on foot are best as the more eyes on your car the better. If your car will be left alone in the dark, parking under a street light is always a good idea.
  4. Never leave your car running unattended, even if it’s just to dash back into your house, an opportunist thief wouldn’t think twice and only needs those couple seconds to jump in your car and be off. Don’t forget that your insurance also becomes invalid if this is the way in which your car is stolen.
  5. Remember, the easiest way for someone to steal your car is if they have your keys! Therefore, make sure you always know where they are and place them in safe places. Pockets which are hidden, tight or concealed are always better than loose ones or back pockets and if you place your keys in your handbag then make sure it is zipped up at all times.

If you are unfortunate enough to come under the attack of a car thief, then there are two main things to do! First things first, report your car stolen to the police as if it is involved in a car crime or accident it will be picked up as a stolen vehicle straight away. Secondly, a good idea is to get friends to check the local area, driving down quiet side roads and checking public car parks as chances are it may not have got very far and you could spot it.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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