Volkswagen Attempts to redeem themselves with a New Green Machine: The Microbus!

Following the emissions scandal, Volkswagen’s next release had to be something special in order to stand a chance in repairing its tarnished reputation. Unveiled at this year’s vwConsumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that something special is an electric Microbus concept called the BUDD-e. For a long time now, many have associated Volkswagen with the hippy, eco-friendly culture so with its catchy name and its refreshing aesthetics, here at Canterbury Motoring World we think the BUDD-e could really rectify some of the recent media damage that the company has suffered.

Going green and looking after the environment seems to be a hot topic for 2016 already, so by jumping on this bandwagon it is likely that the Microbus concept will be both popular and a great talking point for automotive fans.

Some of the features both inside and out that the BUDD-e Microbus will come with are certainly noteworthy. Let’s begin by looking at the aesthetics, as personally I think that you can spot a VW a mile off due their usual unique retro look. The BUDD-e doesn’t disappoint and follows this same image, all be it with a slight futuristic aspect as well. Even though labelled a “Microbus”, it is actually surprisingly smaller than you would expect, sitting at just 4.6 metres long which is in fact considerably smaller than your standard minivan.

Then as far as the interior is concerned, VW have aimed for a more luxurious lounge feel, with features such as swivel chairs included. There are also a couple of fantastic features that are sure to excite many day trippers, first being that the rear seat with just a simple action can be transformed into a binside vwench…perfect for those summer picnics! And then technology wise, is the ability to pre-schedule particular music to play when you hit certain spots along your journey!

Surprisingly, the BUDD-e will be a rather nippy vehicle as it shall be able to go from 0-60mph in just under seven seconds! It can also be classed as a 4-wheel drive as it will have electric motors in both the front and back. These aspects, along with its extremely decent battery life which is promising a range of over 250 miles with just a 30-minute charging time, this VW Microbus surely is ticking a lot of the right boxes already!

So in addition to the fact its run on electric, here at Canterbury Motoring World we wanted to know how else have VW incorporated their environmentally friendly theme into their new green machine?!

Well, firstly those recycling enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the floor
is in fact made out of recycled wood and secondly, it has the facilities available to get some extra power from the sun thanks to a large solar panel situated on ipeacets roof.

Overall, I think that following the emissions scandal, VW have managed to pull something out of the bag that could easily save the brand’s image. Even though we won’t be seeing it before 2018, the BUDD-e Microbus is a fun looking, practical and environmentally friendly vehicle that will be particularly popular among the hippie crowd. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, VW cars C.E.O, Dr. Herbert Diess said, “The original Microbus was the embodiment of peace, hope and happiness. The future belongs to cars that make everyone happy.”

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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