Here is the Canterbury Motoring World Review of the New Volkswagen Beetle Dune Buggy 2016:

Volkswagen have said that the Beetle Dune design was in fact based on the Baja Bug, which was an inexpensive modified version of the original VW Beetle that could operate off road, in open deserts, over sand dunes and across beaches back in the mid-1960s.

However, unlike its name suggests this Beetle can’t be doing any dune driving as it hasn’t got either 4-wheel drive or a fancy traction control system. But realistically, how mai139129ny of VW’s potential customers are planning dune hopping though in their brand new car? So I can think we can let them off as long as on tarmac it drives nice and smooth.

What are the differences between the Dune and the standard VW Beetle?

  • The suspension is taller having been raised by 10mm
  • It has a wider stance
  • 18-inch alloy wheels
  • Complete interior makeover

Aesthetically Volkswagen have done a great job in my opinion! The LED taillights are cool and different, with the stickers down the side giving it a fun and unique feel. The new grille surround and the spoiler at the rear of the car make it look a lot sportier than the usual Volkswagen Beetle look that you would expect.

Personally, I am also very impressed with the interior of the Beetle Dune, its sharp and fresh looking with the exterior bronze bodywork carrying on along the dash and up the insides of the doors. The crisp yellow matching stitching on the seats and around the steering wheel are a great finishing touch.inside

In 2016, Volkswagen shall be offering the UK market the Beetle Dune in either a coupe or convertible model. We shall have the choice between a 1.2 litre petrol engine or a 2 litre diesel engine. There will also be a choice between having one with a manual or automatic gearbox.

To summarize, I think that the VW Beetle Dune is a great looking car, it’s fun and stylish, with a sporty look as well. Although Volkswagen are yet to disclose the price tag of the Beetle Dune, here at Canterbury Motoring World we expect it to be strong rival for cars such as the Mini convertible and the Fiat 500X, therefore we are assuming that it shall fall under a similar price range to these.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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