Canterbury Motoring World Tips: How to Protect Yourself from Car Crime

How to protect yourself from being a victim of thieves:

Unfortunately, in the UK, car crime is a common problem whether it be the car itself being stolen or the contents inside. Here at Canterbury Motoring Worldimages we want to offer you some advice on what you can do in order to decrease your chances of falling victim to such crimes.

  1. Always double check that you have locked your car before walking away. Make sure all doors are locked! If your car makes a clicking type sound then listen out for it, similarly if your car flashes when you lock it then watch out for this. A good habit to get into would be to pull the door handle before you walk away, therefore leaving no doubt in your mind.
  2. This one may sound obvious, but so many of us are guilty of forgetting to hide our belongings that we leave behind in our cars. Everything that is left out in view is a prime target for thieves, including coats, handbags, sat navs etc. Before getting out of the car, if you can’t take your belongings with them and must leave them behind then be sure to leave them under the seat, in the glovebox, in the boot or in the central console area.
  3. Park in an appropriate place, if you aren’t lucky enough to park on your own private driveway then try to park as close to your house as possible. When choosing where to park your car, choose heavily populated or busy areas. Areas with lots of passing traffic whether it be cars or people on foot are best as the more eyes on your car the better. If your car will be left alone in the dark, parking under a street light is always a good idea.
  4. Never leave your car running unattended, even if it’s just to dash back into your house, an opportunist thief wouldn’t think twice and only needs those couple seconds to jump in your car and be off. Don’t forget that your insurance also becomes invalid if this is the way in which your car is stolen.
  5. Remember, the easiest way for someone to steal your car is if they have your keys! Therefore, make sure you always know where they are and place them in safe places. Pockets which are hidden, tight or concealed are always better than loose ones or back pockets and if you place your keys in your handbag then make sure it is zipped up at all times.

If you are unfortunate enough to come under the attack of a car thief, then there are two main things to do! First things first, report your car stolen to the police as if it is involved in a car crime or accident it will be picked up as a stolen vehicle straight away. Secondly, a good idea is to get friends to check the local area, driving down quiet side roads and checking public car parks as chances are it may not have got very far and you could spot it.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


Canterbury Motoring World Review: The VW BUDD-e

Volkswagen Attempts to redeem themselves with a New Green Machine: The Microbus!

Following the emissions scandal, Volkswagen’s next release had to be something special in order to stand a chance in repairing its tarnished reputation. Unveiled at this year’s vwConsumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, that something special is an electric Microbus concept called the BUDD-e. For a long time now, many have associated Volkswagen with the hippy, eco-friendly culture so with its catchy name and its refreshing aesthetics, here at Canterbury Motoring World we think the BUDD-e could really rectify some of the recent media damage that the company has suffered.

Going green and looking after the environment seems to be a hot topic for 2016 already, so by jumping on this bandwagon it is likely that the Microbus concept will be both popular and a great talking point for automotive fans.

Some of the features both inside and out that the BUDD-e Microbus will come with are certainly noteworthy. Let’s begin by looking at the aesthetics, as personally I think that you can spot a VW a mile off due their usual unique retro look. The BUDD-e doesn’t disappoint and follows this same image, all be it with a slight futuristic aspect as well. Even though labelled a “Microbus”, it is actually surprisingly smaller than you would expect, sitting at just 4.6 metres long which is in fact considerably smaller than your standard minivan.

Then as far as the interior is concerned, VW have aimed for a more luxurious lounge feel, with features such as swivel chairs included. There are also a couple of fantastic features that are sure to excite many day trippers, first being that the rear seat with just a simple action can be transformed into a binside vwench…perfect for those summer picnics! And then technology wise, is the ability to pre-schedule particular music to play when you hit certain spots along your journey!

Surprisingly, the BUDD-e will be a rather nippy vehicle as it shall be able to go from 0-60mph in just under seven seconds! It can also be classed as a 4-wheel drive as it will have electric motors in both the front and back. These aspects, along with its extremely decent battery life which is promising a range of over 250 miles with just a 30-minute charging time, this VW Microbus surely is ticking a lot of the right boxes already!

So in addition to the fact its run on electric, here at Canterbury Motoring World we wanted to know how else have VW incorporated their environmentally friendly theme into their new green machine?!

Well, firstly those recycling enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the floor
is in fact made out of recycled wood and secondly, it has the facilities available to get some extra power from the sun thanks to a large solar panel situated on ipeacets roof.

Overall, I think that following the emissions scandal, VW have managed to pull something out of the bag that could easily save the brand’s image. Even though we won’t be seeing it before 2018, the BUDD-e Microbus is a fun looking, practical and environmentally friendly vehicle that will be particularly popular among the hippie crowd. Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show, VW cars C.E.O, Dr. Herbert Diess said, “The original Microbus was the embodiment of peace, hope and happiness. The future belongs to cars that make everyone happy.”

Author: Rebecca McGinty

The Canterbury Motoring World Winter Checklist:

Get prepared for winter with this checklist:

Well I think I might be stating twinterhe obvious here, but the temperature has certainly dropped and it is officially cold outside!

So here at Canterbury Motoring World we want you to keep safe this winter and one way in which we can do this is by providing you with some handy car checks to keep in mind during these cold months ahead.

  • Make sure all the lights on your car work, this will not only enable on coming vehicles to see you better but also prevent you from getting rear ended by other vehicles.
  • Replace your windshield wipers before the cold sets in and we suggest leaving them up on those nights where the temperature drops bellowing freezing as this will prevent the wipes from freezing to the window…that is the last thing you want to be faced with in the morning when rushing to work!
  • It is also important to check your car’s battery life; remember a dead car battery equals a dead car.
  • Regularly check the tyre tread on all 4 tyres on your car in order to prevent slipping and sliding across the road in icy conditions. It may seem like a bit of hassle to check all your tyres but driver’s skidding on ice is a big killer on our roads during the winter months so please be as careful as possible and it is always better to be safe rather than sorry.
  • Get your brakes checked and serviced as braking in wet or icy conditions is a lot harder than normal. Remember the braking distance increases? Using some classic driving test knowledge there!
  • Try to occasionally rotate your tyres to make sure they all get worn at an even rate.
  • Regularly check and change your water, oil and oil filter. You do not want to get caught out in the bad weather.
  • Another top tip is to make sure you keep in your car an emergency winter car kit! This should include spare blankets, some water and non-perishable food. Breaking down when it is freezing cold can lead to devastating consequences if you aren’t preparsnowmaned.
  • Lastly, if we do get a decent snowfall this year, only drive when necessary. If you don’t have to make that journey, head out and build a snowman instead!!




                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Author: Rebecca McGinty

The All-New Audi Q7 has arrived! – Canterbury Motoring World takes a look..

This next generation SUV is unmistakably Audi and boasts some extremely impressive features. With the interior, efficiency and technology of the car having a complete overhaul, here at Canterbury Motoring World we thought we would take a quick look.

The interior of the all new Q7 has been completely re-designed making it onaudie of the most spacious and luxurious SUVs in the market. It’s that comfortable it could potentially turn into you and your families most comfortable place to spend time in. With 7 seats it is perfect for growing families where having plenty of space in your car is vital.

The boot space holds an impressive 770 litres plenty of room for luggage, gym gear, push chairs etc. However, if this still isn’t enough room then the third row of seats do electronically fold away in a matter of seconds giving you an extra 1955 litres of space, you could fit in everything…even the kitchen sink. What gives the new Q7 its luxurious label is the exceptional detailing seen throughout the interior.

However, there is a lot more to this all new Q7 than just its aesthetics such as how much audi1more agile it is.
Your bank balance will be happier as the “all-new Q7 allows you to go further for less”. It boasts an impressive 27% better fuel consumption and releases 22% fewer emissions than the previous generation Q7. This is a direct result of Audi shedding an incredible 325kg of bodyweight for the all new Q7.

To summarise, the new Q7 is considerably the most technologically advanced Audi
yet to be made as it is able to brake, accelerate and steer itself at speeds up to 37mph. It is overall an exceptional family SUV as it allows for those long distance family adventures to be had in great comfort without the hefty fuel tags due to it being so efficient.

Author: Rebecca McGinty

Canterbury Motoring World takes a look at the success of Lewis Hamilton across the Formula 1 2015 Season!

Lewis Hamilton is the 2015 Formula 1 World Champion!

Mercedes has become one of the most successful teams in Formula One history, and after joining the Mercedes team back in 2013, Lewis Hamilton has gone from strength to strength. Back in October, with 3 races still left of the F1 season, his viclewtory in the United States Grand Prix meant that Lewis Hamilton already had the coveted title of 2015 Formula 1 World Champion nicely secured.

As a result of his success this year, 30 year old, British born Lewis Hamilton is now holding the title for the third time in his short career. He is only the 10th driver in the sport’s history to win three or more championships and he is the first Briton to win the title in successive years. With hopefully many years left of racing still in him, no one can predict what the future holds for this young and extremely talented F1 driver.

Understandably, Mercedes along with the majority of Formula 1 fans and followers are also very excited for what else Hamilton will achieve in the future and have therefore extended his existing Mercedes contract for a further 3 years, this will see Hamilton racing behind a Mercedes wheel until at least the end of the 2018 season. This contract extension is reportedly worth more than 100 million pounds, making this young sportsman one of the best paid divers in the F1 business. And commenting on his recent Championship achievement, it is clear to see that Hamilton is very much the team player that Mercedes are wanting to keep hold off, “Championships mean greatness – yours and your teams”.

When Lewis isn’t racing for Mercedes, it was reported that back in February 2015 he bought himself the hybrid sports car LaFerrari, manufactured by rival team Ferrari. However, one of his favourite cars is the AC Cobra and he in fact owns two unrestored 1967 models, one in red and one in black.

The Mercedes Team also had another reason to celebrate this year as Hamilton’s teammate Nico Rosberg finished the season in 2nd place. Making this year a historical one for the team as it is the first time they have had their drivers come in at both 1st and 2nd place in the final results table. The conjoined success of Hamilton, Rosberg and their full Mercedes F1lh team sent social media into overdrive with the celebratory hashtags, #WonTwoThree and #WonMoreTime trending in recognition.

With the Mercedes racing car, W06 Hybrid now statistically the most dominant car in the history of Formula One, we expect that the big bosses are expecting more incredible results and wins in the upcoming seasons.

Following this year’s F1 Grand Prix Championship being full of many exciting, breath taking and not forgetting a few hair raising moments, the 2016 F1 Championship kicking off at the beginning of April in Australia is sure to be another season of making historic moments for an incredible sport, here at Canterbury Motoring World we can’t wait for it all to begin already!

Author: Rebecca McGinty

Canterbury Motoring World: Canterbury’s Local Car Supermarket


Canterbury Motoring World is your local car supermarket with two sites based in
Canterbury, Kent.

Our used car dealerships in Canterbury offer a fantastic range of over 200 used cars for sale. Canterbury Prestige supplies Mercedes, BMW and Mini. And round the corner 1604913_171630806528797_2700674869068683021_nat Canterbury Family you can find all other makes with a focus on family cars such as hatchbacks, People Carriers and Estates.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality used cars with a friendly, transparent  sales experience with a personal service that has been at the heart of our business for more than 20 years. We at Canterbury Motoring World are keen to ensure you get not only a great family car, but a great deal on that car as well.

So, head on down to our impressive   Canterbury Motoring World dealerships. With one of the biggest selection of Minis in Kent and the best deals around, Canterbury Motoring World is the only place you need to find your new family car.

You can keep up-to-date with all our news via our website and social media sites:

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Author: Rebecca McGinty