Lost your car keys or had them stolen? And don’t have a spare one? This is a sticky situation that no one wants to find themselves in! However, surveys suggest that 26% of drivers have experienced losing their car keys and as modern car keys are getting more and more technical, it is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to have them replaced.

The good news is though, here at Canterbury Motoring World we have looked into a few different options that you havecar-key-20341667 when needing to get your hands on a replacement car key, and you’ll be pleased to know that some don’t have to cost the earth!

Losing or having your car keys stolen is not just an extremely inconvenient situation but also a highly stressful one. On top of the stress that you don’t have access to your car, you also have the added worry that your keys have potentially fallen into the hands of someone else and they have access to your vehicle instead.

First things first! Don’t Panic!! Many people realise after turning their house and its contents upside down and their pockets inside out in a mad search that yes their keys are definitely lost and then they make the rash decision to try and break into their cars themselves. In most cases this is going to work out more expensive in the long run! So, just take a moment, let the realisation sink it, read the following information and come up with a well thought out plan of how to resolve the issue.

Surprisingly there are a few options available to you if you are in need of a replacement car key:

  1. Claim on your insurance – check your insurance policy as on a lot of policies now car keys are a standard item. However, the excess in which you have to pay may actually end up costing more than a different key replacement option, as well as jeopardising your no claims bonus. Therefore, it is always best to explore other options beforehand.
  2. Claim on a ‘key cover’ policy – for an annual fee there are policies in which you can sign up too to help with lost or stolen keys
  3. Call your breakdown service – many popular recovery companies can also help you in situation such as this
  4. Buy a new set from the car manufacturer – this maybe the easiest option but can be a costly one so you may want to research a cheaper alternative
  5. Get a spare cut on the high street – the older your car the most available this option will be to you.

Please Note: Whichever option you go for, you will require the following information about your car: The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the year, make and model of the car.

Here at Canterbury Motoring World we think that the best option for you if you do find yourself in this position is to call a local automotive locksmith. The older your vehicle, the more chance there is that they will be able to not only gain entry to your car but sort you out with a replacement key whilst they are there. The benefit of this option is that local automotive locksmiths tend to charge a significantly lower rate for these types of jobs than a manufacturer or dealer would. However, be aware that not all can be so trustworthy so make sure you choose a reputable one as unfortunately there are many out there that will take advantage and use your vulnerable and desperate situation to their benefit to make more money.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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