The popularity of car colours has changed a lot over the years with metallic like colours being one of the most popular right now! However, the most popular colour for cars for the past 3 years is in fact white! At one time, the colour white was only used for vehicles such as vans and police cars but since the start of it being used for all types of cars its popularity has gone through the roof with the general public! Back in the 2000s, silver was the choice of colour for most, but its popularity has dropped considerably over recent years.

So, how much does the colour of your car really matter?

Well, actually more than you would think! Did you know…

  • The stranger the colour of your car, the harder it is to sell. We have definitely noticed this one here at Canterbury Motoring World, so if you are planning on selling your car or beware of this point!

Is BRIGHTER better when it comes to choosing the colour of your car?red car

Personally, when I think of a brightly coloured car I always think of a fast car, one that you would see zooming round a race track…like Michael Schumacher’s red Ferrari!

What do you think? Don’t panic there is no right or wrong answer, it is totally up to individual preference!

A question often asked by our customers here at Canterbury Motoring World is if there is one colour that is safer than all the rest?

There has been lots of different experiments have been carried out to gather evidence for some colours making a car safer to drive than others. Some believe that silver cars are the safest because it’s a reflective colour, likewise with white cars as they are easier to see in the dark. However, surprisingly light shades of colour such as these are in fact more prone to being hit on the road due to them being less visible in certain conditions such as foggy and dusty evenings! One benefit of a lighter coloured car though is that in hot climates it keeps the interior nice and cool. Ever got into a black car before and been hit with that stuffy heat? Not coyellow car.jpgol!! Evidence has also been produced to say that red, although it being a bright colour, is less visible than most other colours when out on the road, with red fire trucks being one of the least visible vehicles! Research has shown that the colour yellow is recommended instead, but unless you are Simon from The Inbetweeners, do you want to be seen driving around in a bright yellow car?

In conclusion, it is clear that there are both positives and negatives for most colours of cars the advice from us here in the Canterbury Motoring World showroom which is full of all different colours is to just pick your favourite!

Author: Violetta Dyachenko


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