In the UK, there is an average of one road defect, such as a pothole, for every 110 meters of road. A recent report in fact found that a third of all recorded vehicles damage is as a result of potholes. Therefore, here at Canterbury Motoring World we are sure that every single one of us has either seen a pothole or been affected by one!

Potholes are caused when moisture gets into the cracks in the road, which causes the cracks to expand when it freezes. They can be more than just a nuisance, they can also be a danger to cyclists and other road users, and they can also cause dampotholesage to cars. Our workshop technicians at Canterbury Motoring World say that hitting a pothole can in fact cause a number of wheel and tyre problems and in more severe cases, hitting a pothole can lead to drivers losing control of their vehicle. However, the good news is, which most are unaware about, is that you can claim for the damage caused by potholes.

So, what should you do if you hit a pothole?

Firstly, when safe to do so, stop the car and check for any immediate apparent damage to your wheels and tyres. If all is looking OK then continue your journey but if you notice a vibration, the car pulling to one side whilst you’re driving or the wheel doesn’t ‘center’ properly, then you should get your car checked over by a garage for tracking or steering damage.

Next step is to repo5600rt the pothole to the local authorities. Members of the public reporting potholes to the council is vital as it will get them repaired quicker and therefore prevent further incidents occurring to other people. Reporting a pothole is now easier than ever with many websites available where you can just type in the location of the pothole that you spotted!

Now for what you all really want to know! How do you claim for pothole damage?

Firstly you need to prove that it was in fact the pothole that caused the damage! The best way to do this is with pictures and to ask your mechanic to put it in writing. Next you’ll have to contact Highways England on 03001235000 or and tell them exactly what the damage was, why you think Highways England is responsible for it, the specific location where the damage took place and finally the date and time of when the damage was caused! Highways England will then send you a damage report to fill in if they believe that you have a valid claim. In most circumstances you’ll receive a decision regarding your claim within 90 days!

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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