Here is Canterbury Motoring World’s top 5 reasons as to why having the correct tyre pressure is essential to your car!

  1. Saves Money – By keeping your tyres properly inflated throughout the yeatyresr could literally save you hundreds of pounds. The average person who drives their car around with under inflated tyres for over 10,000 yearly miles can be using up to 150 extra gallons of fuel than necessary.
  2. Lengthens the Life of the Tyre – Driving around on under inflated tyres can make them become a lot weaker due to them being under unnecessary stress and therefore will have to be replaced a lot more often.
  3. Safer Driving Conditions – If you think about it, your tyres hold the whole weight of your car so especially when driving at high speeds they are under a great deal of pressure. Under inflated tyres can be dangerous are they are more prone to skidding when stopping quickly and are also not great for driving in wet and icy conditions.
  4. Improve Fuel Usage – By having the correct air pressure in your tyres can improve your fuel mileage because when under inflated it causes unnecessary weight to be upon the tyre, resulting in more fuel being used.
  5. Environmentally Friendly – By your tyres having the correct air pressure in them and therefore not using as much fuel results in less carbon dioxide being emitted into the environment.

BUT beware as over inflation is also not good for your tyres as this can also reduce tyre life, cause steering problems and reduce the grip and safety of the tyres.

However, the good news is that it is easy to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure yourself! The correct pressure for your particular car, as all makes and models differ, can be found either in the car manual, printed on the inside ledge of the driver’s door or inside the petrol cap. Checking your tyre pressure yourself can be quick and SCA_TYRE_PRESSURE_WIP01_ONLINE_2.mp4_snapshot_01.46_2012.11.26_15.28.26easy, however
you will require an accurate pressure gauge but one of these can be picked up cheap enough on the high street or online.

So, how do you check them?

Simply take off the dust cap on the tyre valve, fix on your pressure gauge and take not of the result. It’s as easy as that! If you find that your tyre pressure is a little under inflated/ or over inflated, then there are air pump facilities provided in most petrol stations throughout the UK.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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