Only in the past couple of years have we seen an increase in dashboard cameras being used in privately owned cars as well as by taxi companies, car leasing companies and other businesses. Here at Canterbury Motoring World we have looked into why people are deciding to invest in them and what you should be looking for in one when making your purchase.

So, what is the point in these dashboard cams?

  • They record accidents and therefore can be used in insurance battles to provide evidence over who was at fault.
  • They can improve your own driving skills as you can use the recordings as a way of reviewing your driving to make you a safer drive. By watching it back it would be easier to spot what common mistakes you make and if yo4bca4dd0-2b6b-477b-9053-bac2f2042704-2060x1236u know that you are being filmed this would subconsciously make you more cautious.
  • A good way of keeping an eye on your car whenever you lend it to someone. You can be rest assured that it is not being mistreated or you haven’t been lied to about the journeys that it will be used for.
  • The camera will also capture unexpected events that would otherwise go unseen by others. Have you ever seen something when out on the road and wish you had caught it on camera to show others?

Now we have convinced you that having a dashboard camera in your car would be pretty cool, Canterbury Motoring World want to give you some tips on what features to look out for when purchasing one as they come in a range of price, shape and size which can leave many confused about which is best!

  • Discreetness: the smaller the camera the better and usually black is the preferred colour as it won’t stand out so much in your car
  • Video Resolution: video quality is probably one of the most important factors as if the resolution of the camera is poor, then your recording will be poor
  • Night Video Quality: although you would normally have your headlights on when you are driving in the dark, it is still important to ensure your camera is able to record in a good standard of quality without the presence of natural sunlight
  • Date + Time Stamp: if you’ll be using the recordings for evidence purposes, then a date and time stamp is vital to make it validated
  • Auto On/Off: this means that your camera automatically starts recording when you turn the ignition key, therefore you don’t have to remember to turn it on or off and risk not capturing something

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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