Canterbury Motoring World’s 5 top tips for when you’re buying a second hand car:

  1. First up is to do a HPI Check, this can be done at and costs £19.99. A small price to pay though to make sure that the car that you are interested in buying has not been involved in an accident, that it hasn’t been stolen, that it is not an insurance write off and that it has no outstanding finance attached to it. You should ideally carry out the HPI check before you view the car, but if you are buying from a dealership such as Canterbury Motoring World we would have already carried it out for you!
  2. Next up you want to check the MOT history. This check is totally free and can be done at Checking the MOT is important as motit can highlight any previous issues that the car may have had and is a good way of tracking the car’s mileage from back to moment
    of manufacture to ensure that the mileage reading being shown to you on the sales advert is correct.
  3. Thirdly you want to check the VIN number to make sure that the car has never been cloned, you’ll know its ok if the number matches up to both the HPI report and the V5C document. The vehicle identification number is also known as the chassis number and can be found in the bottom right hand side of the front windscreen as you look face onto the car.
  4. The V5C document is also known as the registration document or more commonly the log book. Every keeper of the vehicle would have been issued one. There v5are three key aspects of the V5C that you want to take note of. These are the serial number in the white circle at the top right hand side of the front page, the document reference number in the white box halfway up the front page and then the issue date on the bottom of the inside front page. You want to enter all these details into to check that they all match and are therefore correct and belong to that particular car.
  5. Lastly, after all the practical checks have been completed there is one more big thing that you should do and that is to go with your gut and your heart. At the end of the day it will be YOU driving the car every day and it’ll be YOUR driveway that the car is parked on.

The above points aren’t meant to scare you off buying a second hand car as it may seem that there is a lot of hassle involved. However, when you buy from us here at Canterbury Motoring World  we can assist you with each step to ensure that before you hand over your hard earned money you are totally happy with your purchase.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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