This next generation SUV is unmistakably Audi and boasts some extremely impressive features. With the interior, efficiency and technology of the car having a complete overhaul, here at Canterbury Motoring World we thought we would take a quick look.

The interior of the all new Q7 has been completely re-designed making it onaudie of the most spacious and luxurious SUVs in the market. It’s that comfortable it could potentially turn into you and your families most comfortable place to spend time in. With 7 seats it is perfect for growing families where having plenty of space in your car is vital.

The boot space holds an impressive 770 litres plenty of room for luggage, gym gear, push chairs etc. However, if this still isn’t enough room then the third row of seats do electronically fold away in a matter of seconds giving you an extra 1955 litres of space, you could fit in everything…even the kitchen sink. What gives the new Q7 its luxurious label is the exceptional detailing seen throughout the interior.

However, there is a lot more to this all new Q7 than just its aesthetics such as how much audi1more agile it is.
Your bank balance will be happier as the “all-new Q7 allows you to go further for less”. It boasts an impressive 27% better fuel consumption and releases 22% fewer emissions than the previous generation Q7. This is a direct result of Audi shedding an incredible 325kg of bodyweight for the all new Q7.

To summarise, the new Q7 is considerably the most technologically advanced Audi
yet to be made as it is able to brake, accelerate and steer itself at speeds up to 37mph. It is overall an exceptional family SUV as it allows for those long distance family adventures to be had in great comfort without the hefty fuel tags due to it being so efficient.

Author: Rebecca McGinty


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